Some recent milestones with amateur radio experiments at VLF.

With a few items at LF and MF. Send any corrections and additions to

YYYY-MM-DD From To Frequency Hz Distance km Chars Notes
2010-03-15DK7FC/PTodmorden, UK8970.01858.7 Stefan's 2nd kite transmission. Up to 1.7mW ERP, signal average 1.34fT peak 3.1fT, 6.6 sigma. New detection distance record.
2010-03-21DK7FC/PIK1QFK8970544 Stefan's 3rd kite transmission. Signals received by 10 stations. First VLF transmission Germany to Italy.
2010-08-01DK7FC/PTodmorden, UK6469.97858.7 Stefan's 6th kite transmission. First experiments at 6470 Hz. 200m kite elevation. Received by 7 stations. First VLF detection Germany to France F5WK.
2010-10-02DK7FC/PSQ5BPF8970904 Stefan's 7th kite transmission. New carrier detection distance record. First VLF signal detection Germany to Poland.
2010-10-23DK7FC/PEI8JK89701310 Stefan's 8th kite transmission. New distance record at 8970. DFCW-600. First use of GPS locked transmission.
2010-10-23DK7FC/PSQ5BPF5170904 Stefan's 8th kite transmission. First use of 5170 Hz. Received by 6 stations.
2010-12-04DK7FC/P4X1RF89702873 Stefan's 9th kite transmission. Record VLF ERP of 58mW at 8970. Received by 23 stations in 9 countries. New distance record for carrier detection.
2011-02-06DK7FC/PTF3HZ89702404 Stefan's 10th kite transmission. First VLF into Iceland. Received by 24 stations in 9 countries.
2011-02-07OE5ODLTF3HZ8970.032766 First VLF Austria to Iceland. OE5ODL with 80m balloon.
2011-02-17OE5ODL4X1RF8970.032478 First VLF Austria to Israel. OE5ODL with 125m balloon.
2011-03-04G3XIZTodmorden, UK9090.91006218 Signal detection, 9.6 sigma in 70uhz, 0.2fT. UK distance record.
2011-11-27DF6NMTodmorden, UK8970.0021031.55 First MFSK at VLF. Germany to UK. Kite transmission. 5 chars in 25 minutes. MFSK-37 with 300 second characters.
2012-03-25DF6NMOK2BVG8970424 First VLF international QSO. Using MFSK-37 with 30 minute characters. Both sides of the QSO copied in Todmorden, UK.
2013-12-31DF6NMDK7FC8970.000175 OPDS-4H. First use of Opera at VLF. -58.3dBOp 100% 17.0dB.
2014-01-01DF6NMTodmorden, UK8970.0001028.4 OPDS-4H. Record distance for Opera at VLF. -59.1dBOp 100% 16.3dB
2014-03-02WH2XBA/1Todmorden, UK29499.05424.7 First T/A carrier detection at VLF.
2014-03-04WH2XBA/1DF6NM29499.06451.7 Distance record for T/A carrier detection at VLF.
2014-05-10DF6NMTodmorden, UK8270.0001028.45 First use of EbNaut at VLF. Two messages, 4K21A 5chars 30 second symbols, Eb/N0 -0.5dB and -1.5dB.
2014-05-18DF6NMTodmorden, UK8270.0001028.414 First use of 8K25A, 15 second symbols 14 chars. Eb/N0 = -0.4dB.
2014-05-30W4DEXN4VLF8970.1000254.2 First strong sub-9kHz transmission in North America. Carrier detection at Forest, VA.
2014-06-02W4DEXTodmorden, UK8971.00006194.2 First T/A sub-9kHz signal detection west to east.
2014-06-03W4DEXHawley, Texas8971.10001816.2 Distance record for carrier detection in N/A.
2014-12-02W4DEXDL4YHF8820.0006917.7 Distance record for carrier detection.
2014-12-18W4DEXIK1QFK8820.0007173.4 Distance record for carrier detection.
2014-12-29W4DEXN4VLF8822.000254.24 First use of EbNaut in North America. 16K25A 9 seconds 4 chars. Eb/N0 = 6.3dB.
2014-12-30W4DEXTodmorden, UK8822.0006194.24 First T/A message west to east. 'EM95'. EbNaut 16K25A 9 seconds Eb/N0 = -0.8dB
2014-12-30W4DEXW4GON8822.000869.44 Distance record in North America for EbNaut. 16K25A 4 chars
2014-12-31W4DEXTodmorden, UK8822.0006194.214 Longest T/A EbNaut message. 16K25A 14 chars 14 second symbols Eb/N0 = +1.0dB
2015-01-01W4DEXTodmorden, UK8822.0006194.225 Longest T/A EbNaut message. 16K25A 25 chars 8 second symbols Eb/N0 = -0.1dB.
2015-01-07DF6NMTodmorden, UK8280/83401028.4 Path length measurements from group delay.
2015-02-08W4DEXN4VLF8822254.240 Longest VLF message. 40 chars 8K19A 1.5 seconds Eb/N0 = +1.5dB,
2015-08-16IZ7SLZDF6NM137502.01261059.26 First successful EbNaut message on LF. 6 chars 8K19A 3 second symbols Eb/N0 = 5.8dB. First coherent BPSK at LF.
2015-09-19IZ7SLZDF6NM137502.12/137510.001059.221 First 2-way contact using EbNaut. 8K19A 21 chars, 1 second symbols. Eb/N0 from 1.6 to 11.0dB.
2015-11-15IZ7SLZDF6NM478499.931059.222 First EbNaut 2-way contact using MF. 8K19A 22 chars 0.3 second symbols. Eb/N0 from 2.0 to 15.8dB.
2015-11-24VO1NAIZ7SLZ137776.999685418.27 LF distance record for EbNaut. Eb/N0 = 1.4dB, 8K19A 7 chars 2 second symbols.
2016-03-03VO1NAIZ7SLZ477700.00005418.210 MF distance record for EbNaut. Several decodes with Eb/N0 from 3.6dB to 17.9dB. 4K19A 10 chars 2 second symbols. TX 30 Watts to 100m rotated L mean height 15m.
2016-08-16VO1NADK7FC1374774419.8155 Record EbNaut message length. 155 chars. 4K19A 0.2 second symbols. Eb/N0 +3.6 dB.
2016-12-31IW4DXWVO1NA137485.00064865.08 LF east-to-west distance record for EbNaut. 8 chars 8K19A 2 second symbols, Eb/N0 = -0.3dB
2017-01-21DK7FCDL4YHF2970.000303.8 Distance record for ULF signal detection.
2017-01-24DK7FCDL4YHF2970.000303.83 ULF distance record for decode, 3 chars 16K25A +2.4dB.
2017-01-25DK7FCDL4YHF2970.000303.85 5 chars EbNaut 16K25A Eb/N0 +4.5 dB
2017-01-28DK7FCRN3AUS8270.0051985.6 First VLF detection, Germany to Russia.
2017-02-10DK7FCRN3AUS8270.119902 First VLF message, Germany to Russia. 30 seconds 16K21A 32 bit CRC 2 chars Eb/N0 = +1.13dB.
2017-03-11DK7FCTodmorden, UK2970.000081881 Distance record for carrier detection at 2970. 13:00 to 00:00 with 9 days stacked to give 14.0 dB S/N in 25.25 uHz.
2017-03-12DF6NMTodmorden, UK5170.00251028.4 Distance record for fixed antenna at 5170Hz. 11.2dB in 55.5uHz from about 1uW ERP.
2017-03-23DK7FCRN3AUS6470.11985.62 Distance record for message decode at 6470 Hz. 2 chars 16K21A S=40 CRC=32, Eb/N0 = +0.4 dB.
2017-04-03DK7FC9707.2 First experiments on 970 Hz. 7.2 km S/N 30dB in 424 uHz.
2017-04-08DK7FCTodmorden, UK8270.188185 Longest EbNaut message at VLF. 85 chars Eb/N0 +0.8 dB.
2017-04-19DK7FCSQ5BPF6470.1919.32 2 character message, 16K21, 30 second symbols Eb/N0 = 1.6 dB, new distance record at 6470 for EbNaut.
2017-04-19DK7FCTodmorden, UK6470.188140 40 character message using 16K25A, 4 second symbols Eb/N0 = 0.0 dB. Longest message at 6470 Hz.
2017-04-21DK7FC97014.4 Distance record for 970 Hz. S/N peak 18dB in 424uHz.
Combining coherent signals from two stations to produce a rotating beam.
2017-05-05DK7FCTodmorden, UK8270.1881100 Longest EbNaut message at VLF, 100 chars 8K19A S=10 CRC=0. Eb/N0 = +0.2 dB.
2017-05-07DK7FCTodmorden, UK6470.188175 Longest EbNaut message at 6470, 75 chars 8K19A S=15 CRC=2, Eb/N0 = +0.8 dB.
2017-05-08VO1NATodmorden, UK8270.00706253575.5 First T/A from CA to UK carrier detection. 10uW ERP, S/N 13.9 dB in 46.296 uHz.
2017-05-18DK7FC97027.25 Distance record for 970 Hz and message decode. EbNaut 5 chars 16K21A CRC=4 100 second symbols, Eb/N0=2.1 dB, -71.2dB in 2.5 kHz.
2017-05-25DK7FCTodmorden, UK8270.1881160 Longest EbNaut message at VLF, 160 chars 8K21A S=10 CRC=10, Eb/N0 = +0.6 dB.
2017-06-10DK7FCTodmorden, UK6470.1881100 Longest message at 6470Hz, EbNaut 100 chars 8K21A S=20 CRC=8, Eb/N0 = -1.1 dB.
2017-08-12DK7FCDL0AO3675.0052263 First amateur operation at this frequency. Carrier detection and EbNaut decode 3 chars 16K21A CRC7 Eb/N0=-0.5dB.
2017-08-20DK7FCDL0AO4470.005226 First amateur operation at this frequency. Carrier detection distance record,
2017-08-21DK7FCTodmorden, UK4470.005881 Carrier detection distance record, S/N 14dB in 23.1 uHz after 48 hour integration.
2017-08-23DK7FCDL0AO4470.0052265 EbNaut decode 5 chars 16K21A CRC6 60 second symbols Eb/N0=0.3dB.
2017-10-18DK7FCRN3AUS6470.11985.616 EbNaut 16 characters 16K21A CRC19 symbols 20 seconds, 11 transmissions stacked to give Eb/N0 -0.35 dB, BER 39.4%.
2017-10-23DK7FCRN3AUS5170.11985.61 Distance record for 5170 Hz and message decode. EbNaut 8K19A 1 char CRC6 180 second symbols, Eb/N0=2.6dB. Four transmissions stacked gave 4.5 dB.
2017-10-23VO1NATodmorden, UK8270.00753575.53 First message sub-9kHz CA to UK. 10uW ERP. EbNaut 3 chars 8K25A CRC16 symbols 55 seconds, Eb/N0=+3.0 dB.
2017-11-03DK7FCTodmorden, UK5170.1881100 Longest message at 58km band. EbNaut 100 chars 8K21A with 8 second symbols. Five nightly transmissions stacked to give Eb/N0 = -0.2dB, BER 32.7%.
2017-11-06DK7FCRC4HAA8270.128771 EbNaut 1 char 8K19A CRC6 symbols 180 seconds, Eb/N0 5.4 dB. Record distance for land path sub-9kHz.
2017-11-06VO1NATodmorden, UK8270.00753575.55 Longest T/A message sub-9kHz CA to UK. 10uW ERP. EbNaut 5 chars 8K19A CRC16 symbols 26 seconds, Eb/N0=+1.8 dB.
2017-11-14DK7FCTodmorden, UK8270.1881300 Longest message at VLF. EbNaut 300 chars 4K19A, 6 second symbols, CRC16. Two overnight transmissions stacked to give Eb/N0 = +1.7dB, BER 21.4%. Averaged 70 info bits per hour.
2017-11-24DK7FCRC4HAA8270.128775 New longest message at 8270Hz over 2877 km land path. 5 chars EbNaut 16K21A 45 second symbols CRC16. Eb/N0 = 0.0 dB after 4 overnight repeats stacked.
2017-12-02DK7FCEA5DOM17470.11391.4 First VLF detection DL to EA and distance record at this band.
2017-12-10DK7FCN4VLF17470.16817.71 First transatlantic VLF signal east to west. World record distance for message decode. EbNaut 16K21A, 1 character, 60 second symbols, CRC 10 bits. Eb/N0 = +1.5 dB, rank 9 in the list decoder.
2017-12-14IW4DXWTodmorden, UK8270.003321412.63 First Italy to UK VLF message, EbNaut 16K21A 3 chars 30 second symbols Eb/N0=+1.8 dB.
2017-12-22VO1NADL4YHF8270.00754301.51 First VLF message Canada to Germany, EbNaut 16K21A 1 character 60 second symbols Eb/N0=+4.7dB.
2017-12-22VO1NASQ5BPF8270.00755096.61 First VLF message Canada to Poland, EbNaut 16K21A 1 character 60 second symbols Eb/N0=+1.0dB.
2017-12-23VO1NAIK1QFK8270.00754533.41 First VLF message Canada to Italy, EbNaut 16K21A 1 character 60 second symbols Eb/N0=+1.6dB.
2017-12-24DK7FCIK1QFK5170.1504.63 First message Germany to Italy on 58km band. EbNaut 16K21A CRC11 60 second symbols 3 chars. Eb/N0=+5.0dB.
2017-12-25DK7FCSQ5BPF5170.1919.33 First message Germany to Poland on 58km band. EbNaut 16K21A CRC11 60 second symbols 3 chars. Eb/N0=+2.2dB.
2017-12-26VO1NARN3AUS8270.00755810.51 First VLF message decode Canada to Russia. 1 char EbNaut 16K21A CRC8 60 second symbols. Eb/N0 = 5.36 dB with two repeats of the message stacked.
2017-12-26W4DEXTodmorden, UK8269.06194.242 Record T/A message length 42 characters EbNaut 16K25A CRC16 7.5 second symbols 22:15 to 07:59 Eb/N0=+0.1dB, info rate 24.6 bits per hour.
2017-12-27W4DEXHawley, Texas8269.91816.23 Record distance in North America for VLF message decode. Eb/N0 +5.7 dB.
2017-12-27W4DEXIK1QFK8269.97173.43 New world record distance for message decode at VLF. 3 characters by EbNaut 16K21A CRC20 30 second symbols. Eb/N0 +0.4 dB. World record distance for EbNaut at all bands.
2017-12-28VO1NAN4VLF8270.00752415.31 First VLF message decode Canada to USA. 1 char EbNaut 16K21A CRC8 60 second symbols. Eb/N0 = -0.1 dB. New distance record for North America.
2017-12-31DK7FCIK1QFK5170.1504.612 Record message length Germany to Italy on 58km band. EbNaut 12 chars, 16K21A, Eb/N0 -0.1 dB with two repeats stacked.
2018-01-04VO1NAHawley, Texas8270.00754240.31 New distance record for 36km band message decode in North America. New world record distance for message decode over land path. EbNaut 16K21A 1 char 60 second symbols CRC 8, with 7 repeats stacked to give a decode at Eb/N0 -0.7 dB.
2018-01-05W4DEXDL0AO8269.97257.93 New world record distance for message decoding in the 36km band. Six nightly repeats stacked to give Eb/N0 -1.9 dB on the 3 char 16K21A EbNaut with 30 second symbols and CRC 20.
2018-01-15DK7FCRN3AUS5170.11985.612 Record message length from Germany to Russia on 58km band. 12 chars EbNaut 16K21A CRC20 30 second symbols. Stacked 17 overnight repeats to obtain Eb/N0 -0.27 dB.
2018-01-19DK7FCIK1QFK4470.15052 First message decode Germany to Italy at 67km band. Eb/N0 +5.0 dB.
2018-01-19DK7FCTodmorden, UK4470.18812 Distance record for message decode at 67km band. 2 chars EbNaut 16K23A with 30 second symbols. Eb/N0 +3.8 dB.
2018-02-03DK7FC970.00540.5 Record distance for carrier detection at ULF. ERP 18nW.
2018-02-07DK7FC970.002540.55 Record distance for message decode at ULF. EbNaut 16K21A, 80 second symbols, CRC17, Eb/N0=+0.5dB, coherent stacking of two repeats. 18nW ERP.
2018-02-19DK7FCW1VD8270.160961 First E/W transatlantic reception and message decode below 9kHz. Single character EbNaut 16K21A with 32 second symbols and CRC 24. Eb/N0 +2.5 dB rank 31465.
2018-02-23DK7FCW1VD8270.160962 Record message length E/W transatlantic: 2 characters EbNaut 16K21A 30 second symbols CRC22. Three nights stacked to produce Eb/N0 = 0.62 dB.
2018-03-24K3RWRDF6NM13739567365 Record distance for EbNaut at LF. 5 chars 8K19A CRC24 3 second symbols. Several overnight decodes. Best Eb/N0 11.9 dB.
2018-03-26K3RWRDK7FC137395673630 30 chars 8K19A CRC18 with 2 second symbols. Eb/N0 +4.0 dB.
2018-03-26K3RWRIW4DXW137395703130 Record distance for EbNaut at LF. 30 chars CRC18 with 2 second symbols. Eb/N0 +5.4 dB.
2018-03-30K3RWRIZ7SLZ137490761212 Record distance for EbNaut decode. 12 chars 8K19A CRC15, 2 second symbols. Eb/N0 -0.4 dB, S/N -14.3 dB in 1Hz.
2018-04-04DK7FCMoonah,Tasmania17470.116805 Record distance for carrier detection at VLF. 12 daily repeats, 19:20 to 21:50 UT for 30 hours total. 14.13 dB in 111.1 uHz. ERP between 2mW and 4mW.
2018-04-06DK7FCMoonah,Tasmania17470.1168051 Record distance for VLF message decode. EbNaut 16K21A, 15 second symbols, CRC16, 1 character, Eb/N0 +0.8 dB, BER 42.7%.
2018-07-22DF6NMDL0A0137780484 Ultra QRP 25nW ERP, transmitting from ferrite rod antenna. EbNaut 8K19A CRC16, 4 second symbols. Eb/N0=4.8dB.
2018-09-10DK7FCMoonah,Tasmania17470.1168052 Record distance for VLF message decode. EbNaut 16K21A, 15 second symbols, CRC20, 2 character2, Eb/N0 -0.8 dB, BER 45.1%. List rank 118919. Two days stacked. Info rate 1.65 bits per hour.
2018-09-29DK7FC970.155.6 Carrier detection 13.03dB S/N in 139.5 uHz. First far field detection at 970Hz.
2018-10-21DK7FC970.157.65 16K21A 10 second symbols CRC18 Eb/N0 +2.6 dB.
2018-10-28DK7FC/PDK7FC829.957.64 16k21A CRC18 10 second symbols Eb/N0 +1.5 dB.
2018-11-06DK7FC270.013.530 8K19A 3 second symbols CRC10 Eb/N0 9.8 dB. Approx 6pW ERP.
2018-11-26DK7FC80.0053.545 16K21A 10 second symbols CRC16 Eb/N0 +6.7dB. ERP 2e-14 W from 5kV on antenna.
2019-02-12DK7FC22.973.512 EbNaut 16K21A 30 second symbols CRC16 Eb/N0 +2.1dB.
2019-02-17DK7FC22.973.5100 EbNaut 8K19A 60 second symbols CRC8 Eb/N0 +1.2dB.
2019-03-02SQ2BXI+SQ5BPF/PTodmorden, UK8270.0007313432 First amateur VLF transmission out of Poland. Record distance from earth dipole antenna. EbNaut 8K19A CRC16 10 second symbols, Eb/N0 -1.5 dB. 100W to an earth dipole antenna at Gdynia.
2019-04-06DK7FC/PSQ5BPF2970.19757 Distance record for message decode at ULF. First ULF message Germany to Poland. EbNaut 16K21A CRC16 7 chars 6 second symbols. Eb/N0 -0.4dB, BER 42.5%, list decoder rank 14143. Transmit using 2.44A into 1130m ground loop, 487 W TX power.
2019-04-06DK7FC/PTodmorden, UK2970.18407 First ULF message Germany to UK. EbNaut 16K21A CRC16 7 chars 6 second symbols. Eb/N0 +1.0dB, BER 39.1%. Transmit using 2.44A into 1130m ground loop, 487 W TX power.
2019-12-22DK7FC/PDL0AO1970.12835 Distance record for 152km band. EbNaut 16K21A with 6 second symbols, CRC20. Eb/N0 +2.9dB. Transmit using 1130m gound loop, 2A loop current, 390W.
2019-12-27DK7FC/PN4VLF8270.0056768 Record distance for carrier detection at 8270Hz on East to West path. Tx using 1130m ground loop, 1.75A current, 350W. Also received by W1VD at similar S/N.
2020-01-17DK1ISTodmorden, UK8270.0011071 Daytime carrier detection of QRP transmission, TX 5.4W, ERP 200nW, 13.9 dB in 15.4 uHz. Tx ant Marconi-T 4x33m at 13m height, C=660pF.
2020-02-01IW4DXWTodmorden, UK8269.99751412.6 Record distance for carrier detection with QRP transmtter. TX 5W, ERP 300nW, 15.9 dB in 2.3 uHz.
2020-03-09DF6NMDL0A08270.053 First successful use of WSPR at VLF, 10uW ERP WSPR-15.
2020-03-09DK7FC/PDL0A08270283 Distance record for WSPR at VLF.
2020-04-04DK7FC/PTodmorden, UK8270.005840 Carrier detection QRP 0.6W from tablet computer loudspeaker driver into 1130m ground loop.
2020-04-05DK7FC/PTodmorden, UK8270.0058409 EbNaut 9 chars 16K21A symbols 20 seconds CRC16, QRP 0.6W into 1130m ground loop from tablet computer. Eb/N0 +1.5dB.
2020-04-07DK7FC/PTodmorden, UK5170.005840 Carrier detection QRP 0.25W from tablet computer loudspeaker driver into 1130m ground loop.
2020-08-22RN3AUS/ADK7FC/P8270.00520402 First EbNaut transmission from Russia. Rank 11967 Eb/N0 -0.9 dB. Ground dipole antenna for transmission. Also decoded at DL0A0 1800km with rank 19924 Eb/N0 +0.14 dB.
2020-09-04RN3AUS/ATodmorden, UK8270.00524503 First VLF transmission Russia to UK. EbNaut 3 chars 16K21A 30 second symbols. Eb/N0 +1.3dB, decoded on 2020-10-18.
2020-09-30DL0HOTDL0A08273.0164 First FST4W-1800 on VLF. "2020-09-30 20:00 DL0HOT 0.008273 -26 0 JO60it 0.005 DL0AO-1800 JN59vk 166 203"
2021-01-06VO1NADK7FC8271436950 Record transatlantic message length, 50 chars EbNaut 16K21A 6 second symbols, 18 transmissions stacked to reach Eb/N0 +0.31 dB.
2021-01-08DK7FC/PDK7FC221.557.65 EbNaut 16K23A 7 second symbols, two transmissions (Jan 02, Jan 08) stacked, EbNaut -0.4dB, tx 390W 2.3A 1130m ground dipole.
2021-01-31DK7FC/PDK7FC176.557.65 EbNaut 16K23A stacked two (Jan 19, Jan 31) 127 minute transmissions, 7 second symbols, Eb/N0 +0.5dB, tx 460W 3A into 1130m ground dipole.
2021-05-12DK7FC/PDL7NN1970.0053795 Distance record for 152km band. EbNaut 16K23A 5 chars 6 second symbols, tx 2.75 A into 1130m ground dipole, rx 3-axis, Eb/N0 +2.0dB, S/N -21.6dB in 1Hz.
2021-06-16OK2BVGTodmorden, UK8271.00014173 First EbNaut Czech Republic to UK. 8K19A 3 chars 12 second symbols, Eb/N0 +2.4dB, -22.28 dB in 1Hz. TX 100W, 550mA. Also first to Italy IZ7SLZ +2.0dB.
2021-08-21DL3JMMDK7FC1670.03344 Distance record for 180km band carrier detection, 21:00-03:00 carrier S/N 28dB in 46.9uHz.
2021-08-31DL3JMMDL0AO4025-8275172 Ionosphere sounding, 4025 Hz to 8275 Hz in 50 Hz steps of 20 seconds. TX group delay estimated 0.1mS.
2021-09-28DL3JMMDK7FC970.03344 Distance record for carrier detection at 970Hz, best reception E-field 18.39dB in 12.8uHz. Also received clearly at DL0A0 (172km) in 424uHz.
2021-10-15DL3JMMDK7FC970.0334410 Distance record for message decode at 970Hz, EbNaut 16K25A CRC15 with 9 second symbols, Eb/N0 = +0.2dB after three repeats stacked.
2022-02-05F5VLBTodmorden, UK8270.035577.6 Carrier detection at 5.5nV/m after 4 days, 13.8dB in 2.86 uHz. Tx 32V x 160mA into 75m ground loop 165/345 deg. Estimated 40nW ERP. First amateur VLF signal out of France.
2022-02-16F5VLBDL0A08270.006251104.8 First VLF detection France to Germany. French distance record at VLF. S/N 13.0dB in 46.3uHz.
2022-04-15DL3JMMDL0A05170.03168 First SID detection using amateur radio VLF signal. M-class Xray events visible in amplitude and phase of EbNaut signal at 10:30 and 13:50.
2022-04-20DL3JMMTodmorden, UK2970.031080.66 Distance record for signal detection and message decode in 101km band. 450m earth dipole antenna for tx. Eb/N0 +7.0 dB. Also received by F5WK (782km) for first Germany to France at 2970Hz and by IK1QFK (768km) for first Germany to Italy at 2970Hz.
2022-04-28DL3JMMSQ5BPF1670.03575.5 Distance record for carrier detection in 180km band. 5.2 std dev from mean of 10 x 2.4 hour integrations (115.74uHz). Tx 4.5A into 500m ground dipole. Rx E-field probe.
2022-05-17DL0HOTDK7FC470.00532412 Record distance at 470Hz. TX 1320m ground dipole . EbNaut 16K23A 12 chars 10 second symbols, Eb/N0 +9.4dB.